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In order to guarantee a product of quality, we have put the NoViro device through several tests and certifications.

1. Filtration and breathability tested by SGS

Our filters have been tested according to EN14683 which is the European standard applied for surgical masks for human use.

SGS is one of the companies recognised by the French Government for the certification of masks for human use.


  • Over 99% filtration

  • Breathability according to EN14683 Type IIR

2. Equine testing

We commissioned the Lyon Veterinary School to confirm that there were no adverse effects or discomfort when wearing NoViro.

The Lyon Veterinary School, in Marcy-l'Etoile, admits 1,500 equines each year. On average, one equine is admitted per day to the emergency room. Some come from Spain or Germany.  This "hospital for horses" was the first establishment of its kind in France more than four years ago. 

In March 2021, during the peak of the Rhinopneumonia epidemic in Valencia, the French Equestrian Federation called on the Lyon Veterinary School to receive and manage the quarantine of French horses during their repatriation to France.

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  • Very good tolerance of the mask at rest

  • Very good tolerance of the mask during active walking exercise

  • No significant effect on arterial oxygenation levels

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